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Taktik fm

Mau tanya nih masta ,,, tentang taktik fm ,,, Maklum ana masih nubie :/


Taktik yg cucok buat tottenham apa ya ??? ana lawan newcastle kalah mele -_-


Sebel bingit ,, >_< jadi greget sendiri 


Mohon bantuannya masta :D

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Good luck!

thanks for share, i like it today. Friv 3

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Be physically fit

It depends more on the onfield performance rather than tactics as a whole. Whover contribute upto the tactic expectation level can only bring most out of the strategy.

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 ane juga mau ijin nyimak

 ane juga mau ijin nyimak gimana taktik yang bagus, moga ada para master yang mau jawab. tempatmasakanku, rajamasak, resepkue4

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 ane juga lagi butuh taktik

 ane juga lagi butuh taktik itu nih om, kok sekarang rada susah ya mainnya.
tukangmasak, ahlimasak, tersedap.

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 Great website sports fans! Keep posting your articles! 

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