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Gan, ane mau tanya tentang Player's Role buat striker

 Nah, gan, dari ketujuh player's role yang ada buat striker, mana nih yang paling cocok sama spesifikasi striker ane yg satu ini gan?? Ane pake formasi 4-2-3-1. 

Taktik dan Training
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Kalo dilihat dari attribute

Kalo dilihat dari attribute sih lebih cocok ke poacher soalnya punya kcptan dan akselerasi bagus sdg dribling jg ok

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Role yg cocok

 kalau dilihat dari attributnya bisa diseting Poacher bisa juga Advanced Forward (AF).

jika pemain ini kamu setting dengan role Poacher, maka AMC-nya setting Trequrtista atau AM dengan duty Attack, AML atau AMR berikan role AP (duty Attack) atau IF (duty support), tergantung pada lawan yg akn kamu hadapi. Lihat area assist dan jenis assist pada Team Report lawan main kamu. Jika tim lawan lebih banyak kebobolan dengan jenis assist crossing, maka setting salah satu AMR atau AML dengan role AP duty Attack atau Winger dengan duty attack.

jika disetting dengan role AF, AMC-nya setting dengan role Trequartista, AP (dengan duty support), AM (dengan duty support). Dan salah satu dari AMR atau AML setting dengan role IF dengan duty Attack. Ini juga tergantung dari lawan main kamu. Lihat dulu Team Repport lawan kamu sebelum menentukan role yang tepat untuk untuk pemain - pemain ini.

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I hope they will have an


I hope they will have an English translation so that we can understand what they are talking about.

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 I have the same opinion, you

 I have the same opinion, you should have the English version available for us, too!

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If you want to.....

If you want to understand what this post is all about, try translating it using Google Translate. There will be words in here that can't be translated but you will be able to understand some. College papers
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 All the strikes included in the roster and I am rooting for all the lads you have just mentioned. I am happy to have found this link as I was going to write an essay paper

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why is is called soccer

 Not sure why it's called soccer in america. The word soccer certainly does not sound like anything you would do with your feet. Football on the other hand sounds like a sport where you use your feet. In america it has nothting to do with feet. We should petition a accident lawyer in orlando to get the NFL changed to actual foot ball.

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