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Football manager is already running

 gan saya mau nanya nh.. kalo saya dh install fm 12 tpi pas dibuka ga kluar lalu saya klik lg tulisanny "error: football manager 2012 is already running" gmn ya? thx hehe

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hahahatetep aja gituartinya


tetep aja gitu

artinya fm sedang berlangsung

ngapain di klik terus \


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I'll test this. I'm going to

I'll test this. I'm going to download the file. Let you all know after I test it.
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itu tunggu aja gan,sabbbarr,

itu tunggu aja gan,

sabbbarr, lagi opening program

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Re: Great Job

This might be the start of a great season. Thank you for sharing this post, hope you can write something about the team. Thank you and more power.

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jangan d klik berkali" laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.. klik skali trus tunggu programnya muncul

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Program sedang jalan,tungguin aja gan

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tp udah di tunggu lama masih ga keluar jg

 TP undah di tunggu ga keluar2 juga gan apanya yaa yg bermasalah

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coba gan ahmad92 instal

coba gan ahmad92 instal vredict C++

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